Mariah – Good Things Come…

After spending god knows how many months on the street trying to fend for herself this lovely tabby girl was lucky to finally get “caught” by the kind and dedicated volunteers of Feral Cat Rescue. Once they had her secured, they discovered that she was a really sweet girl who enjoyed being with people so the decision was made to transfer into the care of the GTHS.

We welcomed this little cutie with the short “bob tail” into our care and after getting her the medical treatment that every animal gets with the GTHS (Spay, Microchip, Vaccines, Flea Treatment, Deworming etc.), she was placed up for adoption. We couldn’t believe it but it took Mariah a total of 142 days to find her perfect forever home – which is a very long time, but boy was it worth it – just look at our girl now!!

Mariah (now Molly) won the kitty “jackpot” with her new Mom and Dad – they just adore her, here’s what they had to say – “Molly is doing beautifully and is extremely affectionate and entertaining! She is enjoying our large country house where she can watch all kinds of squirrels and birds from various vantage points. I also noticed that she loves to watch the movements on my computer screen. I thought I would try a few YouTube videos for cats. She sits intently and watches. It’s so cute to see her head and eyes darting back and forth with the movement of the critters on the screen. She is now accustomed to sleeping with us. She likes to start the night off on our chests and once she’s had a few ear and chin scratches she settles in between us.

When it’s time to get up she’s raring to go for breakfast and barrels down the stairs at top speed. She certainly does sing for her supper along with every other meal or snack, lol! As you can probably tell, we are smitten and absolutely love her. We are thrilled she waited for us. It’s a perfect match!!!”

You know that old saying “Good things come to those that wait”………here is proof positive of that and it makes us all so happy! So what are you waiting for? Come on down to GTHS and find her perfect kitty to enhance your life, you will be so glad that you did.



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