Lulu’s Family Day surprises

On February 6, a beautiful six month old Husky mix named Lulu was transferred into our care. Hidden by her fluffy coat, we initially couldn’t tell what she was stowing away. But, after her initial intake exam, we discovered she was pregnant. Despite her very young age, we could see that this was not her first litter of puppies.

Pregnant dogs and cats that come to the GTHS fair better in a home environment versus at a shelter. We were happy to secure a foster home for Lulu and her babies-on-board almost immediately following her arrival. Our animals are extremely fortunate to have such wonderful foster volunteers in their corner. Foster homes provide them with a stress-free, quiet and comfortable place to stay and adjust to new surroundings.  Foster parents also do a fabulous job at socializing shy adult animals and newborns.

It was as if Lulu planned it to happen on a special holiday; on February 15, nine days following her arrival, Lulu gave birth to eight perfect puppies.  Serendipitously, February 15 also marked Family Day in Ontario. What a great way to celebrate!

At first, Lulu’s foster mom reported that Lulu had given birth to seven pups. We were thrilled! A short while later, she contacted us again and let us know that Lulu had one more puppy in waiting, to make the final number EIGHT! After ten long hours sitting on the floor and supporting Lulu through this experience, her foster mom was as excited as she was exhausted.

Congrats to Lulu and to her eight gorgeous little babies. Mom and pups will all remain in foster where they can be cared for, supervised under the watchful eye of their foster family and grow big and strong until they are all weaned.

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