Local Family Foundation Creates a Brighter Future for Pets in Need

Lynn and Derrick March are known to the Georgian Triangle Humane Society as hands-on volunteers, animal enthusiasts and as visionary donors who will stop at nothing to make a difference.

Lynn and Derrick are the founders of the Zoey Foundation, a family foundation that provides financial support to carefully chosen animal rescue organizations in Ontario.  One of their focuses is working with a network of organizations to address the pet overpopulation problems in remote Northern regions of Ontario, and to increase access to veterinary care for the dogs in those same communities.

Most recently, the Zoey Foundation has given a generous gift of $25,000 to champion the transfer efforts of the GTHS to rescue homeless dogs and cats in outlying communities. Although the GTHS always prioritizes local animals in need, the charity is privileged to be located in a community rich with adopters allowing the organization to support communities when space allows.

Impressively, their work does not stop here.  Lynn and Derrick are foster volunteers with the GTHS and open their rural home to everything from senior dogs, to mother dogs and their young pups. “It’s incredibly fun and rewarding”, says Lynn, who adds that the hardest part is not adopting them all!  Lynn is also a dedicated animal transfer volunteer, while Derrick has recently stepped up to co-chair the current capital campaign to build an urgently needed larger facility for the GTHS.  Simply put, their dedication to animals and their community is endless.

“I started volunteering with the GTHS in 2017 as a dog walker, and my role evolved from there.  By becoming involved with the day-to-day of the shelter, I was inspired to want to help the organization do even more.  The staff and volunteers of the GTHS work tirelessly to bring animals into our animal-loving community, where they thrive.  The money we donate allows this great organization to help the maximum number of animals possible.”

“I am here to help”, states Derrick. I became Co-Chair of the capital campaign for the new building because I can see that the organization is bursting at the seams. I wanted to be involved in a project that brings wellness to our community, where seniors have a place to visit with animals, even if they live on their own, and where youth are afforded the opportunity to experience the great impacts of the human-animal bond as it fosters enhanced self-esteem and feelings of belonging. I can’t wait to see the new fully accredited animal hospital open its doors. I am excited to be part of this vision and to see the birth of a new essential community resource in our near future”.

“On behalf of the leadership and board of directors of the GTHS, we would like to recognize Lynn and Derrick March for their outstanding volunteer work, their financial contributions to our Transfer Program and for their visionary commitment to our capital campaign. Without government funding, the GTHS relies heavily on the support of our community to fund essential programs designed for the wellbeing of people and pets”, says Sonya Reichel, Executive Director, Georgian Triangle Humane Society.  “We are so fortunate to benefit from the incredible work of the Zoey Foundation and the March family”.

For more information on the programs and services of the GTHS, please visit www.gths.ca

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