Little Miss Sunshine: Sadie’s Story

The Pawsitivity We All Need Right Now

Meet Sadie.

Sadie and her sisters Elsa and Manon came to the GTHS when they were only 6 weeks old! They were the tiniest stinky little fluffballs and everyone on our team were completely smitten. After their vet checkup, flea baths and Instagram debut they were whisked off to a loving foster home where they would stay a couple weeks until they were strong, healthy, and ready for adoption. Last week, the pups were posted as available for adoption on our website and found homes instantly! Elsa was adopted by a lovely couple and her name is now Marin. Manon was adopted by one our smitten staff and now has a family and special little girl to call her own. 

As Sadie’s sisters happily went to their forever homes Sadie was transferred to stay with our Operations Director Glenda until she received a clear bill of health. Turns out little Sadie had a rough first couple of weeks in our care! She was treated for a URI (upper respiratory infection), UTI (urinary tract infection), diagnosed with neurological deficits and a wee heart murmur – poor girl!

“Sadie was only with me…briefly… but she is a goofy, loving, lively little lady who wormed her way into our hearts pretty quickly!” – Glenda

Here are some fun photos of her time in foster with Glenda.

At this point Sadie’s health is still a bit of a question mark. She is a little wobbly on her feet and walks in circles sometimes and scans around a bit. She had a bunch of neurological exams and veterinary consultations but the experts could actually not find anything medically wrong! Despite all of this she found the most AMAZING adopters who were in love with her as soon as they saw her photograph. They are more than happy to take on our wobbly little baby Sadie and help her through any medical challenges that may or may not (fingers crossed!) arise in the future. Sadie went home with her amazing family yesterday July 22nd 🙂

Thank you for supporting the Georgian Triangle Humane Society! Stories like Sadie’s are only possible because of all the wonderful people who volunteer, donate, and contribute to this life changing work.

Happy Tails Little Miss Sunshine Sadie!!

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