A little dog with a big heart

On the evening of February 23, 2017, a group of dogs arrived at GTHS from New Mexico, in search of loving homes. Among this group of dogs, was a very sweet, very scared tiny dog named Alfredo. This poor little guy had an incredibly cute face which was host to some very sad eyes. Alfredo was shy, nervous, had very little confidence, but not a mean bone in his body. He wouldn’t make eye contact, he would avoid touch at all costs but despite his fear, little Alfredo would never go to bite.

Upon exam from our veterinarians, his story started to become clear. X-rays revealed three pellets lodged in his body, a dislocated tail, an old injury in his tail indicating that it might have been chopped off as well as spondylosis in his lumbar vertebra, likely the result of trauma. Furthermore, his ultrasound revealed an unknown tissue mass in his bladder.

Despite this daunting list of injuries, Alfredo could physically get around without trouble. He gobbled his meals and once a human showed him patience, he started to relax and seek affection. We knew we had to give him the opportunity for a happy life in a loving home, so, on March 10, 2017 little Alfredo got entered into the GTHS Guardian Angel program. By entering Alfredo into this program, we were able to raise money to help cover the cost of his extensive veterinary expenses and send him to the loving home he so deserved!

We are so happy to share this 6 month, post-adoption update from his new family!

“Hi GTHS team!

Can you believe it’s been 6 months since we brought sad little Joey (Alfredo) home? While he still has a way to go, his progress has been incredible!!

He sleeps on the bed with us every night, loves to cuddle and still very much loves meal time and treats! He is quite the little food thief. He’s taken chips right out of people’s hands, and stolen a bag of kaiser buns out the grocery bags. He is still unsure of his kitty sisters but we are confident he will only get more comfortable with them. He is getting to be a good walker and enjoys running in the backyard. He doesn’t really understand toys or know how to play so we’re working on that too. He’s never shown aggression and never had an accident. We sure did win the lottery with our cute little guy!”

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