Letter from Gilbert’s Foster Mom

Dear Robyn & Sonya,

Gilbert arrived to the shelter on May 9th with a broken humerus. Despite being in severe pain Gilbert still tried to play using his inured leg. After assessment by Dr. Levy at Thornbury Veterinary Hospital it was decided that Gilbert would need hardware to stabilize his fracture.

On May 11th Dr. Levy placed an intramedullary nail through the shaft of the humerus then stabilized it with an external fixator. Gilbert tolerated the procedure well and was discharged to my home as a foster home to recover.
Immediately after arriving Gilbert was a thriving, curious, playful kitten.

After 72 hours in my home Gilbert’s status changed. He became lethargic and refused to eat no matter how many different types of food he was offered. Due to his increasing decline I called Dr. Levy who immediately asked me to bring him in. After much review it was determined that Gilbert had Panleukopenia. This can be a fatal virus in small kittens.

After receiving care from Dr. Levy, Gilbert then returned back to my home. Over the next six weeks Gilbert continued to improve with supportive care & treatment.

As of today Gilbert has returned to see Dr. Levy for the removal of hardware from his humerus.
Gilbert loves to be with his 2 foster brothers and they love him. Gilbert loves to play with balls that make noise, chase imaginary insects on the wall or just his tail.

Gilbert has 10 more days before he can off restricted activity. We are both counting down the days.
Gilbert has endured so much but he has brought us so much joy and demonstrated the true meaning of the “will to live.”

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help Gilbert.

Warmest gratitude,

Deb. Boyd
Gilbert’s Foster Mom

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