Kitten season has arrived! We need your help!

The kittens’ need you!

Patsy & Perrywinkle will be available for adoption soon!

April Showers bring May…. Kittens!!

Spring in the Georgian Triangle area has started earlier than ever!

This week alone in our foster care system we have 40 kittens with so many more coming in every day.

Having a whole litter of cute fluffy kittens can be overwhelming! The cost of food, vaccinations, spay & neuter surgeries, not only for the kitten but the mama cat too is a huge burden.

During the spring & summer the Georgian Triangle Humane Society will need to care for over 500 Kittens.

We need YOUR help to prepare for kitten season!

Every animal the GTHS takes into its care needs food, shelter, and mental enrichment. Each kitten will also require veterinary care, which includes a physical exam, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, or perhaps even lifesaving surgery.

We are looking for your support in 3 ways:

1. A Donation: You can help provide food, vaccinations, spay & neuter surgeries. It’s a massive undertaking and we need you!

2. Join our PAW Program: GTHS PAW Program (Pre-Authorized Withdrawal), Your monthly commitment will ensure that homeless, injured or abused animals in the Georgian Triangle area have somewhere to go.

3. In Kind Donations: We are in great need of KMR, Wet Canned Kitten Food, Mother/Baby Cat Dry Kibble. Visit our wishlist for more in-kind items.



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