Kitten Condo Project

The Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) shelters homeless kittens of various ages, sizes and backgrounds. In 2015, over 350 kittens passed through our doors in need of shelter. Incoming kittens are found on the streets, in barns, under porches and are often from parents that have limited to no medical history. This means that these kittens are particularly vulnerable to disease and viruses. Our goal for 2016 is to improve our kitten housing while increasing the protection of kittens waiting for adoption. The healthier we can keep our kittens; the more homeless animals we can help.

KittenCondoProjectCan you help??

We are looking to purchase 8 kitten condos at the total cost of $12,000 CDN. With these condos we will be able to help more kittens in need in 2016. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. It is our hope to have sufficient funds to purchase the condos prior to the start of kitten season in the spring of 2016.

More Info:

Kittens, like babies, are more susceptible to disease so we have to be vigilant against exposure, while still socializing, playing and making them available to potential adopters. Clean, spacious and well-designed housing is critical to protecting kittens from the spread of infectious disease.

Our ideal solution are modular kitten condos (pictured above).  These modular kitten condos:

  • Provide protection for each litter of kittens while in our kitten room
  • Separate the litterbox area from the living area which is more hygienic and realistic to their forever home
  • Accommodate large litters with greater ease

Kenneling the kittens by litter:

  • Prevents cross contamination between litters
  • Allows us to monitor individual eating, health and socialization within each litter
  • Eliminates rough housing or bullying between litters
  • Protects the kittens from potential accidents such as being stepped on or paws shut in doors when they are loose in the room

Additionally, a disinfection process for staff, volunteers and the public when moving from one kennel to the other, will further protect our kittens.

More than ever, we need to raise enough funds to purchase these life-saving kennels for our kittens this year. Every little bit counts.




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