Jr. Firefighters Camp at Meaford Fire Hall

Jr. firefighter’s camp at Meaford fire hall

On Tuesday, August 16, the Meaford & District Fire Department invited the GTHS to take part in their Jr Firefighter’s Summer Camp, along with their By-Law unit and the OSPCA. This new addition to the program offered kids, aged 6-14, a more holistic approach to learn about personal safety from other emergency service departments.

Educating the youth on animals and animal welfare is something Fire Chief Scott Granahan is passionate about. “My time with the OSPCA showed me just how important the work animal welfare organizations is,” states Granahan. “I would love to see some happy animals that the campers can see and understand their role in protecting the family members with four legs.”

Led by Lynne Patterson and our team of volunteers (i.e. Ann Gorton & her 2 dogs Briar & Jinjer, Diane Tarr, Bonnie Bodkin, and 2 kittens from GTHS), campers learned about responsible pet ownership, what happens when a By-Law Officer finds or receives a call about a stray dog, the wonderful work we do at the shelter, and practiced how to approach a dog. 

The kids were excited, engaged and inquisitive – eagerly lining up to learn how to scan for microchips. Briar and Jinjer were very patient lol! Our kittens were a little nervous but soon warmed up to everyone’s hearts.

It was a great opportunity to connect and reach out to our younger generation!

Topics Discussed:
  • Responsible pet ownership: spay/neuter, microchip, dog license
  • How GTHS takes care of homeless and neglected cats and dogs and helps find them forever homes
  • How to approach an unfamiliar dog
  • Host a meaningful birthday party via ECHOage
  • Friends for Life Walkathon on Sep 24th at Blue Mountain Village


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