Hunter’s Journey

Submitted by Karla Seymour, Volunteer of GTHS

Hunter the beagle was found wandering as a stray in Meaford on November 30th 2015. He had been on his own for approximately two days before coming to GTHS.

Whether the stay is long or short, the GTHS staff and volunteers work hard to ensure that all animals in our care find a forever home. The average stay for a cat is 36 days and 13 days for a dog. Hunter was one of our dogs who did not enjoy being with us and was often overlooked by potential adopters. It took him some time to feel comfortable with people.

After being in our shelter for a couple months, one of our fabulous dog walkers took Hunter into her home to foster him until the perfect family came along. In his foster home, he worked on his manners to help improve his socialization and interaction with other people.

Every once in a while, our dog adoptions team would receive an inquiry about adopting Hunter, but it wasn’t the best fit for our boy at the time. Hunter needed a single person or couple to understand that it would take time for him to feel comfortable and to have the patience he needs from a human companion.

A couple months ago, we were approached by a family who showed high interest in our boy Hunter. After explaining how it would be best to work with him for a while to see how he reacts with new people, they were on board and ready to start the process.

With a team of volunteers, a foster parent, and help from our GTHS staff, we were happy to announce that after 180 days at the shelter and in foster care, Hunter found a forever home! He was so deserving of a home and he truly hit the doggy jackpot. Finding a home, but also an ideal match, is given thoughtful attention. We couldn’t have been more excited for them and for Hunter. We were ready to see him begin a happier life.

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