Help End Feline Overpopulation

During the month of March, The Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) is raising awareness about Community Cats in an effort to end feline overpopulation.

Community cats are defined as cats who are not owned and are not sufficiently socialized to humans to be candidates for adoption. These cats are the end result of owned pets who were not spayed or neutered, and then escaped or were allowed to roam.  

Community cats tend to gather together where they form “colonies”. The growth in the number and size of these colonies is due to unrestrained reproduction, which produces litters of kittens for whom homes cannot be found, and who can’t be accommodated in already overcrowded animal shelters. A whopping 95% of kittens are born from outdoor cats!

The Georgian Triangle Humane Society launched the GTHS Community Cats Fund in the Summer of 2019 to provide access to spay/neuter surgeries through the GTHS Animal Hospital. Spay/Neuter surgeries are available for free to Community Cats through the hospital and donations are gratefully being accepted to support the fund.

TNR (Trap-neuter-return) is the best, most humane way of improving the welfare of community cats as it greatly reduces undesired behaviours such as fighting, spraying and yowling.

“At Grandma’s Beach Treats, we fully support the Community Cats program because we all want to do what’s right for animals. Over the past 5 years we have had up to 25 cats arrive at our business and because of the GTHS Community Cats program, they have all received the spay/neuter surgery that they needed. Furthermore, the Community Cats fund means we do not have to fundraise for each and every case ensuring easier access to the service that is needed. We are proud to say we have successfully managed our colony and stopped it from reproducing!”~ Sylvia Bray, owner of Grandma’s Beach Treats in Wasaga Beach. ”
– Sylvia Bray, owner of Grandma’s Beach Treats in Wasaga Beach.

In addition to the GTHS Community Cats Fund, the Community Cats Program offers the following:

Community Cats Food bank
To support volunteers and rescue groups that work diligently with community cats, the GTHS operates a food bank from their shelter on 549 Tenth Line. As supplies last, this food bank is available for rescue groups to use. Donations of dry cat food are gratefully accepted.

Trap bank
GTHS has a collection of humane live (both trigger and drop) traps available for loan for TNR volunteers and rescues.

Community Cat awareness/education
GTHS provides presentations to community groups to educate them about Community Cats as well as the GTHS as an organization.

The GTHS is committed to ending feline overpopulation in the South Georgian Bay area.

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