Harlow’s Journey

For many animals that come to the GTHS, we will never know their story. In the end however we are glad that they are safe with us and on their journey towards a new chapter.

Harlow is a young female dog that was found wandering on her own near Southampton. She was lost and scared and it was unclear how long she had been alone. Animal control took her to the Southampton Veterinary Hospital to be held while her owner was searched for. Unfortunately, no one came forward and during  Harlow’s stay it became evident that Harlow was in late stages of pregnancy.

Harlow was rushed into foster care with the GTHS and the timing couldn’t have been better. Not 24 hours after entering foster care Harlow gave birth to six beautiful puppies. The entire family is healthy and happy!~

Stay tuned for Harlow’s Journey on our blog and updates on her wonderful puppies! The GTHS would like to say a special thanks to our PAW donors that make stories like this a reality! Without your generous monthly support we would not be able to help the over 1000 animals that come to us in need every year.

Please consider becoming a PAW donor by joining us at https://www.gths.ca/donatenow/paw-program/

PLEASE NOTE! The GTHS WILL NOT be responding to adoption requests for these puppies until after Labour Day. Please know that our emails and phone lines are very busy and we cannot field adoption requests for animals that are not yet ready for adoption. Please stay tuned for their adoption information.

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