Happy Tail!


Hi everyone!  I just wanted to write you a letter and tell you what I have been up to since coming home with my new family.  Mom is helping out by typing because my paws don’t really fit on the keys very well, but don’t worry, I’m sitting right next to her and helping by resting my face on the keyboard while dictating to mom.

UntitledI really like my new family!  I have a super awesome dog sister who plays with me ALL DAY.  She shares her bed and her toys with me.  I am not as good at sharing food, but I’m learning and Tashi (my dog sister) had been very patient with me and tells me when I’m not being nice.  I also have two human puppies that I like very much!  The smallest puppy is only 3 months old, I like to just hang out with him and sometimes sneak some licks to his face when mom isn’t watching.  I never see mom licking her puppies with is sort of weird.  The bigger puppy is SO FUN!  She jumps on the trampoline with Tashi.  It looks fun but I’m not quite sure about it yet.  She also throws things and Tashi chases them and brings them back, then she throws them again.  This game is really confusing for me and I’m not sure how to play yet.Untitled

My mum and dad love to take me for walks, we even went to the beach!  We had such a great time!  I don’t think I’ve ever been to the beach before because I’m not sure about the wet stuff when it splashes me.  We have been hiking almost every day and mum is teaching me how to come when she calls me and how to ask nicely for things like treats… I loooove treats!  I wasn’t able to walk very far at first because my legs were sort of weak but now I’m building some muscle in my bum (mum says I have less jiggle in my wiggle) and I can make it for the entire hike!  I’m doing so well mum says I can try to go out with Meg and the MegWalks crew soon!  I met some of the crew at Hemingway’s birthday party and mum dressed me up like a bee.  I didn’t mind my costume but Tashi was stuck being the flower and looked sort of ridiculous.   I am still learning the rules and dad is teaching me not to bark in the yard.  I still do naughty things, like chew up mum’s bushes, so they are still keeping a close eye on me when I’m outside with my sister.

Hope you are all well.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of me until I found my forever home!  I love my family! (Mum’s note:  We love her too!)Avery


Ella (formerly Avery the Awesome)

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