Happy Tail: Milo

This lovely adoption update was written by Helen’s daughter, Dr. Robyn J. Stephens.

There once was a lovely lady, Queen Helen, who turned a youthful 87 in June 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic.  While Helen was happy to be healthy and to be able to see a very few people occasionally as visitors (socially distanced of course), the spring and summer days and nights were long, and lonely.  Helen had a beautiful big home and no one to share it with, or to talk to all day, so she went on a hunt for the perfect companion.

Helen kept scouring the papers and the Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) websites looking for her perfect soulmate and companion… she looked and looked, and watched how the fluffy little kittens found homes in one day, and so many lovely cats were taken to their new homes and left the web site, and for days she kept looking into the beautiful green eyes in a picture of one little fella, Milo.  Milo had come to Collingwood after a long journey from Sault Ste Marie, and he was looking and waiting for the right home and family to adopt him.  All the other cats seemed to be chosen daily for new homes, but Milo has a wonderful and unique habit of being very chatty, very touchy, and demanding of attention, watched sadly as each of his GTHS mates left one by one.  

Then suddenly one amazing day in July, a lovely lady named Helen applied and was gratefully accepted to adopt Milo, so she excitedly brought him back to his new forever home.  Milo immediately inspected the entire home, took a scratch or two at his new scratching post, had a nibble of food in his new dishes, tossed around a few toys, and proudly jumped up and flopped down on the table, announcing in his chatty language, he was finally home.  Milo asked where the litter box was, which was in “his” own bedroom, and he was diligent about using it thereafter.

Milo has come to enjoy and expect all the hugs and love he receives every day from his new Queen.  He chats with her all day long, tells her stories and listens to hers.  They watch TV together, have meals at the same time, and Milo is very strict about putting Queen Helen to bed, sitting on her bed until she is settled, then he promptly jumps down, checks out the house and makes his way to his own bedroom for the night.  

Milo loves treats, and will always come a-running when he hears the bag open.  When he’s not on Queen Helen’s lap, or beside her (always with a paw on her lap as to keep “connected”), he follows her around the house like a dog, and when she stops he lays down, then gets up again and follows her to the next room.  Milo has become Queen Helen’s shadow, her companion, her conversation buddy, and her best friend, all in only one month’s time together. 

When it’s bath time Milo keeps very clean, but always touching and putting a paw on his Queen, just to make sure they’re still together.

Milo has also become very accustomed to lots of affection, hugs and kisses from Queen Helen, and he lovingly bats his head against her leg, and her arm at any opportunity, and he often stretches up asking her to lean down so he can give her a kiss too. 

There have recently been a couple small dogs visit Milo’s new home, to which he looks, then lays beside them and stretches out a paw to gently touch them too.  Milo is secure in his reign over his home and his new Queen, and he is gentle and welcoming to any visitors, and is happy to show affection to them too.

So all is well in their happy home, Prince Milo now has his castle, of which he acts like the King!, and he has brought endless joy, security, companionship and love to Queen Helen, who cannot remember not having her best little buddy by her side.   

This was truly a lovely fairy tale ending for both Milo and Helen, who somehow found each other during a pandemic, and who continue to show each other every day how much better their worlds can both be when they have someone to share all their love and friendship with. 

Thank you so much to the amazing Georgian Triangle Humane Society staff for bringing these two together, and making a house a home. 

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