Happy Tail: Maverick

Special cat, Maverick, has a very special story.

This 9 year old kitty came to GTHS in May of 2019, after being transferred in from another rescue. Mav was actually caught as a kitten and if you can believe it, spent ALL 9 YEARS of his life in a shelter. Mav, although very sweet, was extremely shy of people and having spent his entire life in shelters, he really had no idea what a house was. 

Maverick had been adopted and returned twice because he would spend all of his time in hiding.

Although still spending a fair bit of his time hiding, Mav sounds like he’s finally found his purrrfect home, with a very patient and understanding mom who has experience with Spirit Cats.

I thought you might be interested in an update on your favourite black kitty, Maverick. 
He seems to be settling in well. He is mostly living under the bed in the master bedroom but travels comfortably to and from the bathroom where I have put his litter and food. 
He’s eating well, which is a great sign.

He loves his treats and they are a great way to get him to come to me. This morning I was lying on the floor patting him while he snuggled under the bed and he emerged from under the bed and had a little walk around the bedroom! Incredible! 

It only lasted a short while before he retreated to the safety of the bed, but it was a huge breakthrough. He is coming around slowly but surely and is coming further out every day.

I lie on the floor with him and just let him know he’s loved and safe – I think he’s getting the message. He seems quite content.

Please pass along my deepest thanks to his many caregivers and please feel free to let the folks at GTHS that Maverick is doing well. You’re not getting him back!

I’ll continue to keep you posted!
Mav’s new mom”

Way to go Mav and BIG thanks to Mav’s wonderful new mom!!!

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