Happy-go-lucky pup brings joy to everyone around him

“He is sooooo soft,” exclaimed Joshua Heggenstaller, GTHS Dog Care Coordinator. “I can’t believe how fluffy he is,” he continued.

Everyone who met Percy, a locally surrendered pup, was head over heels for him. Trust us when we say that pictures and videos don’t do him justice. It’s hard to believe, but he is even cuter in person. Absolutely squishable. “He oozes happiness. Despite his rough start in life, I have never seen him display anything but pure joy. It’s contagious – you can’t help but smile when he’s around,” said Joshua.

When Percy came to us, we were not sure what his prognosis would be. What we did know was that we were going to give him the fighting chance he deserved. “Percy arrived as an emergency case to the animal centre, and once in the door, the team flew into action.  With an urgent need for surgery, every minute counted,” explained Joshua.  Plagued by a prolapsed rectum, our GTHS Animal Hospital team, lead by Dr. Anick Amaro, performed corrective surgery. Although the procedure went perfectly, only time would tell how well he would recover. At first, it was obvious (and expected), that he was experiencing discomfort. That didn’t stop him from being his silly, goofy self. He continued to make people laugh and demand all the love and affection from staff and volunteers.

His recovery was trying. He divided his time between the GTHS Animal Centre and a foster home while slowly healing. It wasn’t until about a month post-op that he was finally given the all-clear by our medical team. At last, he could find a place to call home. The team was overjoyed, to say the least. We knew it wouldn’t take long for him to steal someone’s heart – just look at that face:

And, we were right. He was soon on his way home with his loving adopters.

Percy’s is a story of resilience and positivity. Sometimes, the animals in our care inspire us. In Percy’s case, he showed us the importance of keeping our tails wagging in difficult times. We believe that his joie de vivre helped him heal. May we all strive to be like Percy the pup.

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