GTHS Signature Pets Program

Have you heard of the GTHS Signature Pets Program?
This is a special program that we’ve created to help us find homes for the special animals that come through our doors.
Pets can fall within 3 different categories under the Signature Pets Program.
Our Overlooked Pets (longer than average length of stay), our Special Paws (medical condition or quite elderly) or our Underdogs (animals experiencing behavioural challenges).
We already applaud you for making it a point to adopt your next companion rather than purchasing from a breeder or pet store, but are even more grateful for those adopters who are willing and able to consider an animal that falls within our Signature Pets Program! These can be some of the greatest adoptions and we’re happy to tell you why!

1) Whether a cat or dog has a food sensitivity, mobility issue or one of the many chronic illnesses, these animals are highly resilient and they don’t let their ailments get in the way of being fun, affectionate, and perfect family pets! And don’t forget our FIV+ kitties! Felines with conditions like FIV can also be adopted and cared for as long as they’re in a home without other cats or in an environment with other cats who have already been diagnosed with the same condition.

2) When senior animals end up at a shelter, they are often stressed, depressed, and longing for the comfortable home life they used to enjoy. By bringing home one of these animals, no matter what their physical state is at the time, you can give them the quality of life they deserve. They also make great pets for elderly individuals who need companionship, as they’re often very calm and are more than happy to sit quietly with you.

3) We certainly know that it’s easy to fall in love with the adorable, super social kitties and doggies that you meet at the shelter, but don’t forget about the quiet and shy animals who don’t immediately come up to say “hi!” These animals do often take a bit longer to around, but its SO much more rewarding when they finally come around, know they can trust you and seek you out for some lovin!

So, if you really want to save a life and make a huge difference for an animal, our Signature Pets Program should certainly be on your radar!
And what better time to adopt then right now?! June is here and purrrfect timing, as we celebrate June as National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!
Be sure to come by GTHS at 549 Tenth Line in Collingwood during our adoption hours of 12pm-4pm and meet some of our adorable, adoptable animals! You can also visit the Signature Pets Program page of our website for more details:

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