GTHS Community Cat Projects

The GTHS is proud to be able to collaborate with groups and individuals in the areas of Meaford, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood and Clearview to offer Community Cat Programs.   To date, through our four Community Cats programs we have spayed/neutered 102 community cats this year!

GTHS uses the term Community cat to encompass any unowned cat. Included under this umbrella are feral cats, those who have been lost or abandoned, and cats who might receive food and intermittent care from one or more residents in a community. Feral cats are cats who are too poorly socialized to be placed as a typical pet.

During TNR (Trap – Neuter-Return) a feral, or community cat is trapped in a humane trap, taken to a veterinarian where it is spayed/neutered then returned to the area where it was trapped. Fixed, feral cats can be identified by an ear tip in their left ear.  Another service that we offer is to relocate feral cats to suitable barn homes.  This is not done lightly or frequently but has helped us remove eight cats from a property in Collingwood and relocate them to barns in the area.

Community Cats programs are most often, but not exclusively, utilized by residents in rural areas as cats naturally gravitate to barns, sheds and outbuildings where they might find a food source.  While most people agree that is beneficial to keep a few “mousers” on a property, cats can quickly reproduce at a shocking rate.  TNR efforts are invaluable to helping address the overpopulation crisis affecting cats.  Community cats are often unsuitable to be placed into adoptive homes as they are unfamiliar with people and with being indoors.  By offering TNR programs we are able to practice humane population control while still allowing cats to live out their lives in their natural environment.  If kittens are found in the colony, and they are old enough to leave their mothers but still young enough to be socialized they are brought to the shelter to enter our adoption program.

Managing and improving the lives of our Community Cats is tireless and endless work. Volunteers are the foundations of these programs as they sacrifice their time, energy and resources to improve the lives of these often ‘forgotten’ cats. To all TNR volunteers – thank you!

Residents within our area who have concerns about community cats in their neighborhood are welcome to call the GTHS and we will assist them as best we can by connecting them to volunteers who can assist with trapping if necessary and with resources to assist with the surgery costs. Please call 705-445-5204 ex 223.

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