GTHS Champions Make Significant Impact at Oslerbrook

Georgian Triangle Humane Society Executive Director, Sonya Reichel and Presenting Sponsor Paul Chapman, Investment and Wealth Advisor at RBC Wealth Management.

Oslerbrook Golf & Country Club was the perfect spot for the Georgian Triangle Humane Society’s inaugural Spirit and Sparkle Soirée.  A fun and festive crowd of animal lovers gathered in support of the vulnerable pets and people of South Georgian Bay. We raised a glass of gratitude in celebration of donor impact in 2022 while we looked forward to 2023. See more event photos here.

Oslerbrook Golf and Country Club set the stage for a magical evening.

In the spirit of giving and festive fundraising, GTHS supporters “rang their bell for pets” to fund 12 critical care needs urgently needed for GTHS operations to continue their compassionate customized care in 2023. Stories were told, heart strings were pulled, bells rang, smiles sparkled, and community spirits blossomed as GTHS urgent needs were answered by devoted donors. Long-standing and newly inspired friends of the GTHS put their hearts together and raised over $59,000 to support GTHS operations. In case you missed it, you can still help save and change lives HERE.

Guests mix and mingle while enjoying delicious food and good company.

They say it takes a village. At the GTHS we believe deep in our hearts it takes a region of committed community champions to enable us to continue the critical work we do. We cannot do it without our generous donors. Thank you to everyone that sponsored, attended, and funded our urgent critical care needs. We are incredibly grateful, and your support means the world to us. Each and every one of you helped give the vulnerable animals of South Georgian Bay health, hope and happiness. Your passionate participation changed lives and empowered incredible impact.

Melanie Case led the Impact Auction, where funds were raised for 12 critical care items urgently needed to help GTHS operations.
GTHS Board Member Monika Merz addresses the crowd while Melanie Case looks on.

Special thanks to our Critical Needs Champions

Leadership Impact Gift
Monika Merz
Cheryl + Kevin Drynan
Juanita + Peter Hodgson
Jacqueline Nobles
Surgical Kits
Dr. Olivia Cheng + Todd Starr
Carolyn Hubbard
Medical Intake Equipment
Joey Hughson + Nick Minotti
Emergency Kit
Cynthia Torokvei
Community Cats Day
Carolyn Williamson
Kitten Foster Kits
Barbara Abrams, Caroline + Matt Duffney, Willy Van Dolder + Ross Burnett, Teri Band, Trisha Nobles, Vinnie + Richard Young, Victoria Shipp, Tom + Audrey Kemp, Maggie + David Lowe, Sylvia Bray + Mark Winegarden
Burnout Training
Karen Burland
Cat Care Kit
Pat Mitchell, Shannon Evans, Joey Hughson + Nick Minotti, Christine Yorke, David + Pat Garner, Carolyn + Matt Duffney. Sylvia Bray + Mark Winegarden
Dog Enrichment Kit
Cynthia Torokvei, Barbara Foster + Ward Spencer, Michelle McCarthy, Gary Siskind, Heather Black, Michelle Ubell, Marilyn Young
Senior Animal Package
Willy Van Dolder + Ross Burnett
David + Pat Garner
PPE – 1 year supply
David + Pat Garner
Microchips – 1 year supply
Cheryl + Kevin Drynan
Other Donations
Joey Hughson + Nick Minotti, Sarah Finbow, Beth Henry, Penny Nicholson

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Melanie Case Emcee
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Spirit and Sparkle Volunteers

Joanne Brown, Andrea Foy, and Eve Krogman

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