From Hope to Home

The GTHS is running out of room. The current animal centre was built to house 500 animals. In 2021, the GTHS saw 1,400 animals pass through its doors. Cats are spilling into the hallways, and dogs are kept in crates in the garage. The building is bursting at the seams. The GTHS is running out of time. Rapid population growth and the COVID-19 pandemic has put enormous strain on underserved members of the community. Over the last two years, the GTHS has seen a 131% increase in the need for pet pantry services, and a 40% increase in the need for emergency boarding services.

Last year, the GTHS launched a capital campaign with the goal of raising funds to build a much-needed animal care and community-focused centre. Years in the making, the launch of this campaign is the culmination of hard work, collaboration, unyielding hope and represents a pivotal moment in GTHS history.

The campaign got off to a phenomenal start in 2021 thanks to donations from GTHS family. Board members, volunteers, donors, and staff contributed a total of $2,217,974 in pledges towards the campaign last year! The team are looking forward to continuing this progress with the Quiet Phase of fundraising, which will run for the remainder of this year and into 2023.  We would like to extend our gratitude to all of the donors that made up our family campaign. Trail blazing donations with Naming Opportunities include ($5,000+)

Derrick and Lynn March: Main Lobby and Large Dog Yard

Monika Merz: Cat Enrichment Room and Cat Adoption Suites

Diana Wiszniewska: Dog Enrichment Room

Teri Band: Cat Cafe

Willa Napier: Adoption Greeting Room

Cheryl and Kevin Drynan: Reception Zone

Kevin and Elke Swanborough: Dog Meet and Greet Room

John Chapman

Christine Yorke: Cat Meet and Greet Room

The Mills and McGowan Family: Catio

Lynne and Sean Seawright: Three Benches

Ricki Thompson

Sheila Norman

Jan and John Trude: Three Washrooms

Tim Hortons The Murphy and Trude Group of Restaurant Owners: Kitchen Area in Community Room

David and Pat Garner: Entrance Vestibule

John and Leslie Worts

Charis Developments, Steve Assaff and Family: Dog Holding Suite

David and Cathy Henderson: Cat Holding Suite and Walkway Tile

Carolyn Williamson: Cat Surgical Suite

Elizabeth Comuzzi and Blaine Bell: Team Lunch Area and Kitchen

Jennifer Hurst

May Yam and Mike Carstensen: Grooming Room and Picnic Table

Susan Brooke

Veronica Onyskiw: Small Animal Holding Room

Margo and Michael Boyd: Bench

Garnet Pratt

The Ubell Family: Bench

Ashley, John, and Duncan: Bench

The Haines Family: Bench

Gordon Canning: Bench

Marilyn and Richard Young

Kelly Glass

Susan Wilson

Sonya Reichel

The GTHS team are deeply grateful to the volunteers who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring the campaign’s success. This progress could not have been achieved without the expertise of the Campaign Cabinet, the enthusiasm of the campaign ambassadors, and the guidance of the Building Committee.

In 2025, the Regional Centre for Pets and People will open its doors. The centre will provide advanced medical care and shelter to animals in need. It will place more animals into safe, loving homes. Accessible, community-focused programs will provide hope and safety to vulnerable members of the community. At-risk youth will find purpose and belonging through educational programming and volunteer opportunities. The centre will be an essential community resource, offering safety, comfort, and warmth: a home to both pets and people of the community.

If you would like to learn more about the campaign, contact Kelly, Campaign Manager, at

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