Frog-Legged Kitten is Small but Mighty

Annually, the GTHS has over 500 kittens come through our program looking for adoptive families and caring humans. Kitten season historically used to be certain a portion of the year, but lately, kittens seem to be arriving all year long.  
With varied backgrounds, stories and parents, our kitten residents come in all shapes and sizes however Clava, a small but mighty kitten caught our attention right away. Found in a local barn with his mother and two siblings, the medical team noticed something different about a little grey kitten they would soon name Clava – his back legs were splayed out like the hind legs of a frog.
Still feisty and full of life, Clava received xrays and a veterinary consult from our medical team. Throughout several medical exams, Clava would purr and knead to show his love. He just soaked up the attention and pats! 
Clava just melts my heart. He has such a fighting spirit despite a body that is facing challenges. Feeding him breakfast is such a joy to witness, he devours it with zest and licks the bowl clean.” – Jessica, GTHS Cat Care Coordinator.

Although his journey to wellness might be a bumpy one and his prognosis is up in the air, we are hopeful that with time, persistence and love, this little frog-legged kitten will grow up to be strong and independent. We know that compassion comes in all shapes and sizes – we are cheering for you Clava!

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