Fritz Is Enjoying His New Forever Home!

This past summer we had 11….yes 11….Sheppard Cross puppies come into the shelter.  Oh how adorable they were!  We are now hearing all about them in their forever homes and the updates are just heart warming!  Here is the update on Carter, now known as Fritz!

This is an update on our puppy Fritz (formerly knows as Carter). With him being half German Sheppard, we felt a German name would be appropriate given his heritage :).

We adopted Fritz in August. He was part of an 11 puppy litter and he quickly became our favourite with his sweet little face and winning combination of being both cuddly and ready to run and play!

Fritz immediately loved his new home in the country. We spend a lot of time outside every day and he loves to go for long walks with us. We got a couple chances before it got to cold to take him in the water at Sunset Point and Lake Eugenia and he loved it! Good swimmer!

On occasion, he also gets to spend the day with Matt at the store, and takes great pride in being a CARQUEST dog 🙂

Fritz especially loves being around our two little boys and is very happy to see them when they come home from school!

We recently completed obedience training with Fritz and he is doing very well. Generally a very well behaved puppy, although he is still only 5 months old, so the occasional shenanigans do still happen. “Chew on the mittens and shoes” is a favourite game of his.

Fritz is quite a big boy now. He was 12 pounds when we got him and is now 42!

We are very happy to have Fritz in our family.  He is such a sweet puppy and make us smile and laugh constantly. Thanks for letting us take this guy home with us.

Yours truly, The Crowes

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