Fresh Faces at GTHS

April is the beginning of spring and this is accompanied by new life. Kittens are starting to arrive at the doors of GTHS and it is during this time that we must not forget our adult cats looking for forever homes. Of particular importance are our long term residence, that is, cats that have been looking for their forever home for over one year at GTHS.

In order to shed light on these beautiful cats, with wonderful, individual personalities, we have initiated our Fresh Faces campaign!

During the month of April, long term GTHS cats are on special, for $50, with an approved application.

Allegra Allegra

Allegra is a lovely tabby cat who would be very happy to sit by your side for an evening of television or reading. She would need a good home, preferably as an only cat. She is quite the confident lady!


A little bit shy but craves attention and love. Angelique needs someone who will bring her out of her shell and provide a warm, loving home for her to thrive in. Angelique


Babar is a gorgeous male cat that loves to play and cuddle.


Brie (2)Brie is a lovely tabby cat. She’s spent a little bit of her life at the shelter, and she’s very affectionate and gentle. Brie is a bit shy at first glance, but she will quickly come around to find gentle strokes and kisses.

Celine Dion

I’m a cat on a mission. PARTY! I love to play and explore and test my limits. Id love to play with you, but I can make a toy out of anything – pencils, post-it notes, potatoes. If you’re looking for some laughs and someone to liven the party, think about inviting me.Celine Dion


Charmer fits her name, she is lovely lady.  She loves attentions and will stay by your side as you go about your daily tasks. She is also happy by herself. She patiently waits to bring her sweet charm to her permanent home.


Soft, sweet and gentle little lady. Cinamon will add some spice to your life with her easy going personality and happy-go-lucky ways. Please come visit her today and make room in your heart for this sweetheart!cinamon


Geometry is a handsome gentle male, a bit shy but loves and seeks out attention. He gets along with other cats.Geometry 1


Kiki is a sweet & friendly girl who was surrendered by a homeless person who wanted her to have a better home.


Kaden is a gentle and loving male cat with beautiful green eyes.


Karma is a petite adult female who is very polite! She likes to play with other cats and dogs and she loves to be petted and brushed.Karma (2)

mickey mouseMickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a beautiful grey tabby love bug with a very soft coat. His eyes will melt your heart. He is a special needs cat with a rapid heart rate and gum issues so he will require ongoing vet observation. If you have the resources to help this wonderful cat, he will reward you with his loyalty and affection.

Momma Mia

Meet Mamma Mia with her short, cute little tail. We don’t know how but she gets along fine with 1/2 tail. She is a bit shy but will warm up once approached and rewards you with her sweet attention.Momma Mia


pandaPanda is really a beautiful kitten, not a Panda Bear as his markings are so similar. His fur is as soft as silk. Although shy in the beginning, he is such a sweet boy and ready to make a wonderful addition to your family.


Souki is a nice girl with a pleasant round face and a warm heart. Souki has special needs and would benefit from being the only cat in a household. Please consider opening your heart and home to this special lady and you will be richly rewarded with her constant love and gratitude.souki 2

raven 2Raven

Raven is fun and playful and loves to interact with other cats and people. She’s completely adorable with beautiful soft black fur and gorgeous yellow eyes.

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