Freddy teaches us not to judge a book by its cover

On April 5th, a rough looking, scratched up injured stray cat was surrendered to us by a caring member of our community. This compassionate individual had been feeding this cat outside of her home for quite some time when suddenly, he disappeared. Worried, this caring home owner anxiously awaited his return. After about two weeks, he came back worse for wear. He had a bad limp and didn’t look well.

The home owner decided it would be in this cat’s best interest if she found him some help, so she brought him to the GTHS and we are grateful that she did.

While the cat, who we named Freddy, had gone missing, he had sustained three pelvic fractures. Upon examination, we also saw that his teeth were in bad shape and that he was FIV+. FIV, or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, is an illness that weakens the immune system.


GTHS Animal Hospital Veterinarian, Dr. Amaro, determined that he had fractured his pelvis two weeks prior to surrender, which meant that he had been experiencing pain and discomfort for an extended period of time. Luckily, with cage rest, the fractures will heal on their own. Freddy is currently receiving medication to control the pain.

In order to take care of his dental issues, Dr. Amaro and her team extracted nine of his teeth! Although that may sound like a lot, we assure you that he is now much more comfortable and is enjoying his meals more than he ever has. And, as for his FIV+ diagnosis, all he’ll require is one extra vet visit per year to ensure he’s in tiptop shape.

Despite all he’s been through, this brawny boy continues to be a sweet, gentle soul who would love nothing more than a home to call his own. “When anyone approaches Freddy, he lights up. You see in his eyes that he craves human affection. He will make such a wonderful companion for his lucky adopter,” says Jess Molter, Cat Care Coordinator.

And, to Freddy’s finder: Thank you for entrusting us with his care. We are grateful to live in a community full of compassionate, caring people whose love of animals is second to none.

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