Freddie’s Brave Fight

He was found in a dumpster.


Freddie, an emaciated 4-week-old homeless kitten, was brought to the Georgian Triangle Humane Society after he was abandoned in a dumpster. He weighed only 300 grams upon arrival and his eyes were sealed shut with infection. He hung his head and he wouldn’t eat. He was skin and bones desperate for a meal.  Despite intakes being closed, the GTHS team couldn’t turn Freddie away and immediately provided the life-saving medication, fluids, nutrition and surgery he needed to survive.

2022 is an unprecedented year at the GTHS. Surrender requests are soaring with dozens of animals, like Freddie, requiring swift medical support and care.  Higher-than-normal costs coupled with increased intakes this year means that supplies at the GTHS are tight, and providing compassionate care that these animals so desperately deserve is becoming more difficult.

Freddie is a fighter. Arriving at the GTHS saved his life and gave him a second chance. Please give now and help us continue to care for animals like Freddie, so they can have a second chance at living their best life.

Help pets like Freddie

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