The Story of Frankenstein

Sick and injured, Frankenstein arrived at the GTHS as a stray. What we didn’t know was just how many medical issues he faced. Vulnerable animals come through the doors of the Animal Centre every day, but this was an exception. Caring for animals takes dedication and time. 

Thankfully, with the help of our donors, medical care team and volunteers, animals like Frankenstein receive the love and support they need to survive.

Frankenstein was starving and needed medical attention for an upper respiratory infection. He went through multiple rounds of antibiotics but still had congestion and bloody discharge. He also had a head tilt that was noticed by the care team and on top of it all, he had to undergo dental surgery.

After nearly a month’s stay at the Animal Centre, the team examined Frankenstein’s left ear due to the head tilt, and concluded ablation surgery was required due to either repeat infection or trauma to his ear; this left Frankenstein deaf on one side.

Following his ablation surgery, Frankenstein experienced facial paralysis which was still present at the time of adoption. It was then discovered that Frankenstein was FIV positive, a lifelong hurdle for his overall wellness.

Despite everything, Frankenstein’s sunny disposition never changed. 

Not long after, Frankenstein was adopted by Allison, who fell in love with him at first sight. Alison and Frankenstein could not be happier together. He now has the life that he truly deserves in an incredible and loving home.

“I just love him! He adores lying on the couch and watching Netflix. I bought him a leash so that he can enjoy the outdoors on walks. He is one of a kind and I am so grateful to the donors who supported his care. He has me wrapped around his paw!”, Allison said.

Animals like Frankenstein are fortunate to have the support of our donors in circumstances like this when they need help immediately. Those who come to us injured or sick without someone to help them along. 

Thankfully, miracles do happen with a little help.

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