For the love of animals and the people who care for them

Growing up on a diary farm in Brampton, Ontario, Carolyn Williamson was no stranger to stray and feral cats, the ironic thing was that at the time, spay and neuter surgery was not something that you did to farm animals. “Not even in our vocabulary”, she explains!

At the GTHS, Carolyn has become a strong voice for humane cat care. She is a long-standing volunteer, dedicated to helping community cats.

Carolyn started her role with the GTHS in 2008 when she moved from the GTA. She had been volunteering for the OSPCA in Brampton, Humane Society in Toronto, the Haven of the Heart animal sanctuary, in Palgrave Ontario, with a very motivated friend.

The GTHS was fortunate to welcome Carolyn as a volunteer into our retail store which, at the time, was called the “Bazar Bazar”. This was in the days when the retail store was run out of an apple barn on the property of Belbrae Animal Hospital.

“Only in my wildest dreams would we get to where we are today”, she tells us.

And in fact a big dream did come true for the GTHS this year…

Carolyn Williamson gifted the organization the opportunity to open an animal hospital in our very own shelter and the board of directors approved a plan. This dream is certain to make an incredible difference to so many animals lives, not to mention the people who love and care for them.

Since Carolyn started, she has seen the evolution of spay and neuter clinics becoming mobile. She has advocated for feral cats and rescued hundreds community cats across the Georgian Triangle. Instrumental in the trap, neuter, release initiative, Carolyn has also become a certified trapper and prevented a lot of unnecessary suffering as a result. She is also a dedicated foster to cats when they need a loving home.

“I became a hospital donor because of spay & neuter. It’s my passion. Nothing is accomplished without it. To put money towards it, it’s worth every penny.”

Carolyn’s gift to the Hospital Shelter in 2018 made a significant impact on the future of cat care in our community.

Carolyn’s gift to the Hospital Shelter made a significant impact on the future of animal care in our community. In 2019, the vision for a new hospital will become a reality because of donors like Carolyn.

“I’m excited to meet the vet, meet the team that makes our dream the reality”, she explains. “We can offer low cost, high quality services to deserving pet owners. I can’t wait to see it!”

In 2019, the vision for a new hospital became a reality because of donors like Carolyn. Thank you for your support!

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