Feature Volunteer: Nicky



Nicky has been volunteering with the GTHS as a Cat Care Technician and Food Fairy on Saturdays for about 1 ½ years. She also works tirelessly as the operator of Feral Cat Rescue for Owen Sound, which works to humanely trap and find homes for feral cats. According to the volunteer who nominated her: “Nicky goes above and beyond for every cat she cares for. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are priceless. We are very lucky to have her as a GTHS volunteer!”


I started volunteering by chance. Caring for my husband after his accident I noticed many cats and kittens along the Sydenham River. After discovering there were no services in this area to save them, myself and a few other people started Feral Cat Rescue (FCR). A few years ago we were contacted about a house that had burned down; a couple had perished in the fire leaving over 30 cats abandoned in -40C weather. With a joint effort between GTHS and FCR, we housed, fed and trapped every cat over two month period. I was so impressed when I came to the GTHS. It made me sad that my area didn’t have a shelter like this. GTHS assisted FCR with several other mini projects – every time I was received with such warmth, caring and the same dedication to Animal Welfare I have. An opportunity presented itself for me to be a part of this family and I was only too happy and proud to become a member of the team. Volunteering with the GTHS has allowed me a way to give back for all that they have done for FCR. I have learnt so much and met many great people in the year and a half of volunteering here. I only hope that I represent GTHS in a manner that truly does justice to how wonderfully amazing this Sanctuary is. When I talk about GTHS, I always end by saying “when you leave the GTHS you feel as good as when you got there because you know the animals are loved safe and happy”.






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