Feature Volunteer: Cindy Warsh

feature volunteer: cindy warsh


Position: Dog Care Team Lead

For Cindy Warsh, volunteering at GTHS is simply a matter of imagination.

“Imagine a dog that has tears in its eyes, shaking in fright, with tail recoiled in loneliness,” she says. “And now imagine that pup taking its first handful of food from your fingers … and their eyes finally lift to look into yours. Imagine the dog returning from a walk, with tail wagging, between laps of water from the bowl, eyes looking up as if to say, ‘Thanks, Mom.’ And imagine taking that healthy, happy pup, now with a bounce in its step and a shine in its coat, to meet that loved one who will care for him throughout all the days ahead … and your eyes meet to say goodbye.”

Far from being sad stories, Cindy says experiences like these have been highly fulfilling, rewarding and ultimately, joyful. “The questions I am always asked are: How can I do it? Does it not break my heart to see such helpless animals; to leave them in the shelter when I return home; to see them go to their ‘forever home’ after we have created a bond? How can I do it?”

Her response: “How can I not do it?”

Cindy began volunteering at GTHS just last year and worked the summer season as our Thursday Dog Care Team Lead (DCTL). This past summer she returned for the 2016 season, not only fulfilling her Thursday DCTL role, but also taking on Monday and Wednesday DCTL as well as Thursday animal transporter.

“Cindy also took on two full weeks of a.m. DCTL when our a.m. DCTL was unable to come into work, on top of her already scheduled shifts,” marvels Courtney Hancock, Dog Behaviour and Program Coordinator. “Cindy is one volunteer Robyn and I know we can call on if we are ever in need of a task. She is very reliable and hardworking with a smile and charisma to boot!”

With two healthy and loving dogs at home – an 80-pound standard poodle, Louey, and a rescue beagle named Lucy – Cindy has experienced first-hand the love and happiness dogs have to offer. She shares that same love and happiness with others by caring for the dogs at the GTHS shelter as if they were her own, until they find a forever home.

“Giving back is a blessing I can afford,” she says. “From the menial: cleaning a soiled kennel, to the tactful: introducing our dogs to the adopting candidate – all yield the same grateful return.

“I am thrilled to be part of the GTHS team, and I look forward to making many more friends for many more families in the future.”


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