Featured Animal – Otis

Otis was brought into the GTHS as an owner surrender. At the time of his surrender, Otis’ owner explained that he was severely dog reactive but to no fault of his own as Otis had been the victim of several unprovoked dog attacks, starting when he was merely a few months old. Understandably as Otis grew older he became more and more reactive towards dogs the moment he set eyes on them. “I’ll get you before you get me” becomes the mentality.

When meeting people, Otis was always very submissive, even peeing upon greeting new people with a wiggle, from puppyhood. The social drive he had upon his arrival to the shelter was masked by his anxiousness .. however we saw a glimmer of excitement with a new person, and in that we saw potential.

Once placed in our care Otis was labelled as STAFF and only designated volunteers were able to interact with him. Otis’ trust towards people had been broken and though he would not actively attempt to bite, his nervous reaction was to use his mouth. Upon entering his kennel Otis would avoid people, panting significantly while displaying additional signs of stress.

Over some time, with introducing stimulant slowly, this very scared and distrustful dog dog has turned into a wiggler who is over the moon to see people, to go for walks, get snuggles, and have play time. Otis of course, still has some growing to do as he is still a bit hesitant upon meeting new people. Otis will need to go into a home with no other dogs, and due to his increased motion sensitivity, no cats or kids.

Otis is ready to find trust and love in his forever companion. Someone who will take the time to introduce him to new stimulant, with the knowledge that confidence and understanding take time. Once Otis lets you into his heart, you’ll be stuck there forever.

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