Feature Pet: Hunter

Name: Hunter

Address: Georgian Triangle Humane Society, 549 Tenth Line, Collingwood ONT

I year old Shiloh Shepherd, seeking full time employment as a working dog with an experienced handler.

About Hunter:
Hunter is very driven to work with his handler. He picks things up very quickly and always looking for his next task or command. Making leaps and bounds already while at GTHS, Hunter does get over stimulated in a shelter environment with his current outlet being reactivity to other dogs. The more the GTHS team works with him however, the more we believe that this is something he can overcome in the right environment. Potential work placements for Hunter could include Detection or Protection as he is highly driven to work for a play reward, ie Tug.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:
– very attentive
– good listener
– quick learner
– athletic
– clicker savvy
– strong willed
– excellent communication skills

If you are seeking to add a confident, work driven and intelligent dog like Hunter to your home, please contact Courtney at 705-445-5204 ext 229 or email courtney@gths.ca to discuss my resume further.


Hunter & team

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