Feature Pet: Andrea

Hi there,

My name is Andrea and I am a very special girl with a very special story.

Can I begin by saying that my pictures do NOT do me justice. I am quite the stunning girl if I do say so myself and am just as beautiful on the inside! My human friends call me a total ‘Love Bug’ (whatever that means) and I’m also very lively, playful, sweet and affectionate with every human I meet. I will happily follow you around, trying to lap up every bit of affection you are willing to give me. You could truly not ask for a more beautiful soul than me.

But this next part is very important too…

It’s been a long road to get to GTHS and I’m so happy to be here. I’ve got a few medical issues that the team here are helping me with. They are not lifelong challenges which is great news, but my adopters (with the support of GTHS) will need to be okay with helping me through them over the next little while.

I promise it’s nothing scary! And if you are willing to help me, then I promise that I will love you like no other dog has ever loved you before. I will be by your side as your faithful companion for the rest of our days together.

Please, please contact the humans at GTHS to learn more about me, my medical treatment plan and whether I’d be the right fit for your family. Call 705-445-5204 ext 224 or email dogadoptions@gths.ca

Sweetest smiles, wags and kisses,


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