Feature Friday: Clyde & Theo

Clyde was found and rescued by two lovely ladies from a residential area in Collingwood. He was found with a beautiful mother cat Delilah who had four adorable little kittens to care for. He did his very best to protect them from harm and keep them safe. It was a glorious happy day when they were all finally brought to GTHS for food, warmth, shelter and medical attention. He was very frail, thin and both his hips and rear legs were covered in puncture wounds. We think perhaps a dog or other animal tried to fight him but he WON THE BATTLE!! For more information, email catadoptions@gths.ca or visit Clyde any day of the week between 12pm-4pm.



Theo is still waiting POLITELY and PATIENTLY for his forever home. He has been REALLY been working at becoming a real proper gentleman but still has a long way to go. He still gets excited when he sees dogs on his walks. Theo needs a couple or single person who is ready and willing to work with him on his manners. With the proper structure, leadership, and obedience training, he will be sure to grow into a perfect gentleman. For more information, contact our Dog Adoptions Team at 705-445-5204 ext. 226 or 229 OR email dogadoptions@gths.ca !!







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