Did you know?

We are having some Friday Fun this summer, every Friday morning you can find a post on our Facebook page debunking common myths and frequently asked questions. If you aren’t all caught up here is some of what you have missed thus far.


“At the GTHS we work tirelessly to help as many animals as our resources allow through our capacity for care model.

Capacity for care as defined by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies is, “A management model that helps shelters better meet the needs of the animals in their facilities. It creates the conditions necessary to provide shelter animals with five essential freedoms thereby improving the welfare of individual animals.”

“Last year we had one of our best years on record; 99% of the dogs coming into our facilities were able to find a happy ending as well as 96% of our cats.”

“When we have to make a decision to humanely euthanize an animal it is made with the physical and mental welfare of the animal in mind and is done in consultation with our team members and veterinarians. This decision is never easy and the process is not taken lightly.”


“We love animals and we want to make sure they are trained with love and without pain. We train them so that they can be well behaved with any home they go to. We use humane training methods that are based on and supported by current scientific knowledge of learning theory and animal behaviour. We use current training techniques such as desensitisation and counter conditioning.

  • We encourage the use of Canny Collars, non-pain inducing body harnesses, martingale and flat collars when training dogs.
  • We do not use choke, pinch or shock collars due to their potential to cause stress, pain and fear, especially when used by people with no expertise, experience, or credentials in humane dog training.”


“Sadly, there are times when an animal is found left behind by their owners, or left tied to a tree. Sometimes we also have to report when our neighbours or community members are being cruel to their animals. These are never easy situations and as animal lovers it breaks our hearts.

Anonymous Ontario SPCA Hotline: 310-SPCA (7722)”

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