A Day in the Life of a GTHS Co-op Student

As part of National Volunteer Week – April 23-29, 2017 – we offer this perspective of the volunteer experience at the GTHS from one of our wonderful co-op students.

My name is Keely. I am a co-op student currently working at the Georgian Triangle Humane Society.  When I first started here I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work with the cats or dogs.  After a couple weeks of working with both, I chose the cat path.  I like working in the quarantine rooms with the sick, new and injured cats.  Every day, I look forward to working at GTHS: excited to meet and see new volunteers, getting to see new animals that have come in, and which animals have been adopted to their forever homes. 

My daily routine at the GTHS is usually assisting the volunteers clean the main cat room, helping the Cat Care Techs clean the quarantine rooms, then laundry or dishes.  In the afternoon I will do or help with private dining.  When new cats are brought into our main cat room, they eat separately from the other cats for about 5 days to make sure they maintain their body weight.  We call this private dining.

Sometimes I take a dog for a walk or take them into Room 1 for play time and cuddles.  My day doesn’t just include animals; I also help with events and fundraising.  I like that I am not just with the animals all day but I am also getting the business side of things. 

This is just a small description of my experiences at the GTHS.  I have learned so much and I’m very inspired by the volunteers and people that work here, who go out of their way to make these animals’ lives better.

Thank you to all three of our students for choosing the GTHS as your co-op placement and for all of your hard work!
thank you to all of our volunteers for your passion, dedication and enthusiasm while taking such excellent care of our cats and dogs!

Sweet Contessa

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