Dear GTHS,

Darling 3
Considering that Darling was in the shelter for over eight months in the company of at least 30 other cats, she is doing very well and adjusting very well.  Darling roams the house and explores everywhere.  She talks a lot but less as the days go by.  She loves attention and petting.  She is eating and drinking well.  At first she did not eat or drink much or use the litter.  Now she has settled into a routine.  Last night she actually came to me in bed for petting.  During the day she is out and about and loves to play.  I have purchased a cat laser stick which she loves and gives her the exercise she needs.

I adore her and everyone who meets her is enchanted.  Her tortoiseshell coat only makes her more appealing!

Thank you for letting me take her to her new home.

Sincerely, Mary Ann Glebe

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