A Christmas Note from the Executive Director

Dear Friends & Supporters of the Animals,

As the end of the year approaches, I find myself taking a moment to reflect on the year that we have had at the Georgian Triangle Humane Society. 

In 2016, as an organization, we set yet another record in animal welfare.

With over 1100 cats and dogs turning to us in need, every day required an immense amount of team work, resources and compassion. We helped over 500 abandoned kittens. Many were orphaned and required 24 hour care, even more came with their tired and hungry mothers that had been struggling to survive and protect their young. We had numerous geriatric pets turn to us in their twilight years, scared and confused, because their lives had turned upside down. We said tearful goodbyes to little souls that were too far gone to help and cried tears of joy when suffering animals took their first pain-free step.

Our work helps the most vulnerable and helpless in our community. Our work builds a kinder world. Our work only exists because of a large band of supporters that goes above and beyond for the voiceless, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It is our supporters, our volunteers, our donors and our adopters, that make our work possible. Whether you give a little or a lot, whether you volunteer for one hour or a thousand, whether you provide a loving home for one animal or several, YOU are the reason we are here and we are overflowing with gratitude and immense thankfulness.

This year for the holiday season we want to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the kindness and hope you have bestowed on our animals. YOU are making a difference and together we have worked together to create a safer, kinder and more humane community.

From everyone at the Georgian Triangle Humane Society (including the animals),

Thank you and enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday season with your family.
Tail wags,

Sonya Reichel

Executive Director

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