Chloe Found the Perfect Forever Family!

Our adorable Chloe was adopted by a loving family this past Fall.  Her wish came true and she found the perfect forever family who welcomed her need for cuddles and snuggles!  As you can see below, this little girl has fit right in at her new home.  Her mom sent us a few pictures and an update on how she is doing:

I just wanted to follow up about Chloe in her new home. She has really settled in nicely and just hangs out with us. John has also had Chloe at his office and she has been good.

We did crate her at the beginning but have been leaving her to roam free while we are out, using incremental time frames, and she has been absolutely fine. She will bark at the window when we leave but she seems to settle quickly. Boy, is she happy when we come back (I love her little butt wiggle)! Although she has a couple of beds in the house, Chloe has found herself a comfy sleeping spot on my son’s bed (I have found she also likes to sleep on a pile of clothes in the laundry basket lol). My daughter dotes on Chloe a lot, which is cute – and a surprise to us because she doesn’t show that much interest in other people’s dogs.

The only challenge we are having is her interest in chasing the cat. I am certain she will stop that – when I catch her doing it I just tell her “no, leave the kitty”, and she backs off. She also jumps up to greet us and others but she is responding to the training we are using to stop that behaviour.

One of the pictures (on a bed with bold,colourful bedding – my son’s bed) was taken at story time just before the kids were going to bed. It’s cute because the kids climb into bed to hear the story and Chloe follows suit – as if she’s there to hear the story too. Very cute. The other picture is of her sleeping on a bed with pink & cream coloured bedding (my daughter’s bed). That picture was taken after a long afternoon walk.

It appears she would much rather sleep with her humans. When the kids call for me at night (they are young and sometimes still wake up at night), Chloe follows me to their rooms and curls up on their beds.

I will send more pics once I’ve taken a few more – hopefully action shots or one that shows her somewhere other than in bed!  I still want to get a picture of her in her favourite window, but that one is currently being blocked by our Christmas tree!

Chloe 1 Chloe 2

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