Abandoned To Adopted; Let’s Write This Happy Ending

CATS FOR A CAUSE: For the cats in need of some extra care.

When Mr. Herman arrived at the GTHS last month, it was obvious he needed our help. This 18-month-old boy was found in Wasaga Beach, a stray that was heavily matted, exhausted, and clearly in distress. Our team ensured he received a much overdue haircut and wellness exam, which revealed entropion, a condition where the eyelids turn in causing the lashes to scratch and irritate the eyes. Mr. Herman required surgery and quarantine to help him recover, in addition to the standard care we provide to all pets at the GTHS. A few weeks later, he recovered well, and we began to see a new side of this sweet boy as he became more comfortable. It is sadly not uncommon for the pets in our care to need a little extra support.

Please consider a gift to ensure the GTHS Animal Hospital can help cats like Mr. Herman heal.

Around the same time, as the arrival of Mr. Herman, a man arrived at the Animal Centre and brought our staff out to the parking lot to see a mama cat and litter of kittens he had in his trunk. He asked to surrender these pets, knowing he was unable to meet their growing needs. Although our Animal Centre faces continuous capacity issues, our team could tell right away these cats were lethargic, badly dehydrated, and in need of care. The man was desperate for our assistance and told our staff that if we couldn’t admit them, he could not ensure their safety and well-being. Our team believes deeply in the compassionate care of pets and people. We could recognize that while the circumstances were poor for the pets, this man felt he had exhausted his resources and that pet care was unsustainable. We understood without judgement, he was left with no other choice, and appreciate that he was brave enough to reach out for help and have enough love for these animals to find them the care they deserve. Pet owners seeking alternatives like this provide a much better outcome than some of the more devasting circumstances that have become all too common. 

Our team, accustomed to serving beyond capacity, ensured immediate medical attention for our newest arrivals. They named the mother Snow White and made sure she and her seven kittens could recover in the GTHS Animal Hospital before being placed with one of our loving foster families. They are now thriving and have begun to find them forever homes. 

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Cats at the GTHS stay for an average of 22 days before being adopted, but for some pets, their stay is much longer. Our girl Karmen was a long-time resident, and we are happy to say that after 180 days in our care, she has now been adopted and is home with her new family.

Karmen began her journey in our main cat room where it became evident that she was not as social with the other cats. Fortunately, we were able to relocate her to our front room which offered a bit more privacy. Since Karmen had been waiting longer than the average pet for adoption, GTHS Staff and Volunteers wanted to find a way to help her stand out. Fortunately, our team upgraded Karmen to a private suite in the GTHS lobby, and went the extra mile, by beautifully decorating her new home. This unique space also allowed the GTHS Team to allow Karmen to occasionally roam the halls and show her sweet nature and musical purrs to all those visiting the Animal Centre. 

Karmen was one of our long-term pets who needed a little extra support, to find her forever home. Given Karmen’s long-term residency and special needs, her care also came with additional costs. It is thanks to support from donors that the GTHS Team was able to extend care for special paws just like Karmen. 

We are so glad Karmen has found her forever home and are grateful to our donors who helped us attend to her while she was in our care. 

These are just a few of the many GTHS pets that require extra special support in addition to the food, enrichment, vaccinations, microchips and spay neuter services we offer to all pets in our care. These vulnerable pets depend on the GTHS for a second chance, and we depend on support from our community to make this happen. We desperately need your help to meet the rising costs of pet food, litter and the high need pets arriving every week at the Animal Centre.  

On behalf of Mr. H, Snow White and her seven kittens, Karmen, and all the pets counting on the GTHS for a safe haven and second chance we thank you for considering a gift.  

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