Urgent Appeal – Buttercup

Urgent Appeal for Buttercup

Buttercup urgently needs your help!

Buttercup arrived at the Georgian Triangle Humane Society on September 9th when she was found as a stray fighting for her life. When she arrived it was evident that she hadn’t eaten a decent meal in quite some time. She was limping, flea ridden and very hungry. Despite everything, Buttercup had a kind and loving personality.

An x-ray identified the injury and confirmed our fears. Buttercup has a luxated accessory carpal bone, or in layman terms, a displaced bone in her wrist. The injury is particularly painful due to swollen or torn ligaments and tendons. Surgery to repair this particular type of injury is highly specialized and gives no guarantee for a successful outcome. Wanting to try every option, we placed Buttercup on strict cage rest, hoping enough scar tissue would form to stabilize the injury. After four weeks of cage rest, Buttercup was in more pain than ever.

Buttercup needs amputation surgery to prevent her from leading a life of chronic pain.

Buttercup has been entered into the Guardian Angels program to help raise the funds to cover her expenses. We need to raise $2000 in time for her surgery on Monday October 31st.

Buttercup needs your help TODAY. Every little bit counts.

GTHS is a registered charity operating in the Georgian Triangle Area.  In the absence of federal or provincial government funding, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to help us continue to provide abandoned, neglected and abused domestic animals with a second chance at a happy life. 20-40 cats and dogs like Buttercup come to each week for help.

To Donate to Buttercup’s surgery, click HERE

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING BUTTERCUP! Please stay tuned for updates!

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