MONDAY MUSINGS: Brrr it’s cold outside!

Winter has arrived in the Georgian Triangle region of Ontario! Temperatures have dropped and the snow is flying. At this time of year (and for many months to come) the GTHS will respond to many many calls relating to cats in distress. Cats and kittens will be found under porches, at the side of the road, in backyard sheds, all trying to escape the cold weather and survive.

This winter season the staff and volunteers of GTHS are urging cat owners to keep their feline friends inside this winter. The cold weather is just TOO dangerous for our beloved cats! Below are some tried and tested methods of keeping your cat entertained indoors during the long and cold winter months.

1. Free Online Games for Cats!

Thanks to Friskies cat owners now have 3 FREE interactive games you can download for your cat this winter season. These games are sure to produce hours of entertainment and stimulation. Download games at Enjoy and you’re welcome!

2. Novel Items

Cats love anything that is new to their environment. They will spend hours investigating new additions to the household – there is just so much to smell! Items we have had a lot of luck with in our main cat room include cardboard boxes, fabric grocery bags, feathers, children’s toys and LCBO bags.

cat cabin 23. Laser Madness

Nothing helps to burn excessive energy like laser lights! Available at your local dollar stores, 10 minutes of laser light play with your cat in the evening is a sure ticket to tiring them out.

4. Window access

Although we want to keep our cats indoors this winter season, that doesn’t mean we can’t allow them to enjoy the view of the beautiful outdoors. Window perches or ledges are available for sale at your local decor or pet store. Want to ramp up the excitement? Install your cat perch beside an outdoor bird feeder. Be sure to keep the feeder full and your cat will thank you.


5. Toys Galore

Last but not least, shower your cat with toys! Remember that every cat is different and therefore have different toy preferences. Don’t be discouraged by a picking cat! Fun toys to try include springs (see below), ping pong balls, catnip sacks, cat trees, fishing line toys, wind up toys…the list goes on!


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