Bringing Love Home

I knew that beginning employment at an animal wellness organization was going to present many benefits and challenges. Working each day with animals is just the best joy I can think of but leaving them at the end of the day was going to be tough! I knew that adopting an animal was in my near future (I had to be realistic! 😊 ), but I definitely didn’t anticipate just how quickly I would fall in love with Wilson. It’s been three weeks since my daughter, Audrey and I have welcomed Wilson into our home and I have to say, home has become an even happier place.  As I write this blog after a busy day I have to ask the question; who rescued who? 

To give a bit of back story, Wilson is a rescue from Black River Manitoba where efforts are being made to control the population of street dogs.  Through a partnership of dog rescue programs, Black River Search and Rescue Inc. and the Georgian Triangle Humane Society, arrangements were made for Wilson to be transferred with a small group of dogs to Collingwood from Black River Manitoba. 

Adopting a dog had been on my radar for the past four years when I said goodbye to my black lab as a result of marriage separation.  I had moved into a condo and shifted my focus to the time that I had to spend with my daughter outside of a very busy work schedule.
One Thursday evening this February, after having met sweet Wilson, I knew that I had to take him home. I spent the weekend speaking to my daughter and family and thinking about the implications of a new family – by Monday we were so excited to take Wilson home! 

That evening Wilson came home with me and upon arrival he was greeted with the relentless affection of a 5-year-old dog lover! I watched Wilson and Audrey connect immediately over walks to the park, play time in the afternoon and snuggles at the end of the day.  I also spent an afternoon with Wilson when Audrey went to her Dad’s and experienced the feeling that I wasn’t alone through that transition. 

The past three weeks with Wilson have been a whirlwind and the three of us have loved every minute. Our home is fuller and happier as a result of having Wilson with us – we just can’t keep the smile from our faces when he greets us with love and exuberance.  Wilson has adoringly navigated living in a new home and we can see that he is most appreciative of his warm bed, two square meals and oodles of play time.   My favourite moments are the ones when Audrey sneaks over to Wilson and whispers to him that she loves him. It is hard to describe how he has completed our family.

As Development Manager for the GTHS I get to work with the incredible community members that help save dogs like Wilson. Without government funding, our donors are the foundation of our work and the heroes in our stories. Wilson reminds me daily that love comes in all shapes and sizes and that our work is providing hope and love to not just pets, but people too!

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