Bring health and happiness to Pets and People this Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, let’s come to the rescue for pets and people who need our help. You can be part of the journey. 

We have recently shared the story of Frankenstein (aka Frankie), a brave cat who came to the GTHS extremely injured.

Frankie was starving and needed medical attention for an upper respiratory infection. He went through multiple rounds of medication. He also had a head tilt that was noticed by the care team and on top of it all, he had to undergo dental surgery and eventually an ear ablation surgery. Frankie experienced facial paralysis which is still persistent. It was then discovered that Frankie was FIV positive, a lifelong hurdle for his overall wellness.

Frankie needed our help to recover. But with your love, hope and support, he made incredible progress. He was with us in the GTHS Animal Centre for over a month… then this happened!


Frankie was adopted by Allison, who fell in love with him at first sight. After a long period of recovery in the Animal Centre, it was Frankie’s turn to go home and be loved. Alison and Frankie could not be more happy together. He now has the life that he truly deserves in an incredible and loving home.

“Frankie is awesome, I just love him! He adores lying on the couch and watching Netflix. I bought him a leash so that he can enjoy the outdoors on walks. He is one of a kind and I am so grateful to the donors who supported his care. He has me wrapped around his paw!”, explains Allison, Frankie’s new mom.

Animals like Frankie are fortunate to have the support of our donors in circumstances like this when they need help immediately.  Those who come to us injured or sick without someone to help them along. Thankfully, miracles do happen with a little help.

This Giving Tuesday, thanks to a visionary donor, we are able to boost the help that we can give to homeless pets when your gifts to this important program are matched!  This means that virtually every animal who comes to our animal hospital will receive the care that they need regardless of how they got here or whether they have an owner.

A big thank you for helping Frankie and others like him to their road to recovery. With your help, Frankie is happily settled in a loving home. He is doing amazingly well and it’s hard to believe he ever suffered like he did. The future is bright because of you!

Happy Giving Tuesday,

With gratitude,
Sonya Reichel
Executive Director

PS: This #GivingTuesdayCa we are gratefully accepting donations for the animals in our care like Frankie. Remember, your gift will be matched!

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