The Story oF Billy Rose

She needed help.

In spring 2023, the GTHS was alerted that a helpless 5-year-old mixed breed dog was found tied to a stop sign in Bruce County, with a shoelace knotted tightly around her muzzle. Once she was freed, she was brought to the GTHS Animal Centre and named Billy Rose.

At first, once Billy Rose was in the care of the GTHS team, she was nervous around people and unsure of her surroundings. The stress she went through was palpable. After receiving emergency care, the GTHS staff and volunteers stepped up and worked with her to foster trust and reveal her true spirit. With some patience and time, she started to come out of her shy shell. She showed everyone that she is a smart, sweet, affectionate and loveable dog who deserved a good family.

Eventually, Billy Rose was adopted into a loving forever household where she is now thriving and living the best life possible. The happy ending she deserved.

Billy Rose was worth it. All pets are worth it.

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