Collingwood Beavers come to the GTHS

On the evening of March 1, the GTHS had the great pleasure of hosting the Collingwood Beavers Scouts troop. We had 24 excited kids, ages 5-7 years old, along with a number of Scout leaders and parents. The Beavers were so generous – they brought quite a bit of food, treats and toys for the dogs and cats here at the Shelter!

To start the night, Executive Director Sonya Reichel talked to the group about what we do at the GTHS, our wonderful volunteers and the incredible work they do, our adoption process and the importance of Responsible Pet Ownership. We had some great (and funny) responses from the group to Sonya’s question: “What does it means to be a Responsible Pet Owner?”: in addition to providing food, water, shelter, exercise and love, our dogs and cats also need to be spayed/neutered and have an ID tag and/or a microchip.

After our chat, we all visited the main cat room, where 33 cats live while waiting for their forever home. The Beavers were very well behaved and obeyed the rules about safely petting and playing with the cats. The Beavers had some time to make beautiful art; they coloured pictures of cats and dogs which we happily posted in our conference room.

The highlight of the night seemed to be a visit from Tulip, a 4 month old hound dog. Tulip went around the group giving everyone sniffs and kisses. The kids were fantastic! It was such fun to have them visit us and hopefully we’ll see them again soon. And a very big thank you again for food, treat and toy donations for our cats and dogs!

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