Beauty and Russell love their new home

Dear GTHS,

About a month ago we adopted our 2 furry members of the family. 2 cats named Beauty and Russel. They’re doing great! Russel took to the house and the kids like he was always here. He’s wonderful and loving, demanding his share of attention. He loves to cuddle, play and can’t get enough of the kids. Beauty took a good week to come around. Now Beauty is Queen of the house and a real lady. She tolerates the kids very well. She loves being patted and enjoys her grooming time. She would let you groom her all day. Where as Russell will allow you to brush him for a short time then wants to play with the brush. Beauty who hated other cats now plays with Russell; they sleep in the large bay window together and share the master bed. At first, Beauty seem to be a bit more spirited and Russel was the big fluffy mellow lazy cat. Russell is anything but lazy he’s full of life, our spunky wild card. Beauty lounges around and loves being pamperd. She sits and waits for us to open the baby gate for her even though she perfectly able to go over it(I’ve seen her do it). Queen of the house. LOL. I could go on and on about their personalities. We love our cats, they are such a joy! A perfect fit for our family. Thanks so much,

The Hayden Family


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