Arrow is now pain free – thanks to YOU

Arrow is now pain free – thanks to YOU

Arrow was surrendered to us in mid-December, after his owner had to move in order to care for an ailing family member. 

During his initial intake examination, it was noted that he had quite a sore left ear. He was booked to be seen by one of our veterinarians for later that week, where it was discovered he had severe inflammation and ulceration of his ear canal. He was so incredibly painful that they were not able to properly examine the ear itself without putting him under general anesthesia. 

Arrow was placed on a course of steroids for the next two weeks, which helped to greatly reduce the inflammation and pain in his ear canal. He was then put under general anesthesia where they were able to scope his ear and determine that his ear drum was intact, but he was suffering from a very severe, chronic infection from a very resilient bacteria. The veterinarian believes that he has endured years of ear infections that were never properly cured.

His ear was thoroughly flushed and he has been prescribed a strong ear medication that will need to be given for an extended period of time.

As your can imagine Arrow’s vet bills have been quite expensive even in his short time with us. Your monthly donations help dogs like Arrow continue to receive medical attention that is desperately needed.

Once the infection is cleared, Arrow will most likely have to be on long-term medication and careful monitoring of his ear to ensure they do not get to the point they were when he first came to us.

We are so thankful to our AMAZING Paw Donors that Arrow was able to have several pain free days!

Arrow is currently available for adoption, he is searching for a quiet, stress free household. If you think Arrow would fit into your lift, please call the GTHS at 705-445-5204 ext. 224 or email

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