Amie Pays it Forward!

Amie – Mother of the year! Amie was surrendered to GTHS from an owner who found they could not provide adequate care for a pregnant mom and her kittens. A few days after Amie’s arrival volunteers came in one morning to a beautiful site of Amie and her four kittens who are now about 4 weeks old. Earlier this week a mother cat was run over and killed leaving three – two week old kittens who were unable to be bottle or dropper fed and they were at great peril. The owner called vet clinics in the area looking for help and Sean Lawes of Collingwood Veterinary Services suggested trying GTHS. The owner brought them to the shelter to see if there was any hope to save the kittens and a volunteer introduced them to Amie. Talk about paying it forward..Amie took the kittens as her own and they are doing well. They will go back to the original owner once weaned. Amie and her original four kittens will all be available for adoption in a few months.

Update June 13, 2012 Amie and her kittens are now available for adoption!


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