Afternoon of Appreciation, Awards and Accolades

The Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) is a small shelter that makes mighty steps in animal welfare. The organization relies on the generosity and support from volunteers, private donors, local businesses and community foundations to work towards their mission and vision.

On October 19th, the GTHS took a moment to show gratitude and recognition to a few of the key supporters that have allowed the small shelter to help over one thousand animals already this year. The following awards and recognition speeches took place:


Kathy Reid - Director EmeritusKathi Reid, Director Emeritus

They began the event by awarding founding Board member Kathi Reid with the honourable and rare designation of Director Emeritus.

Board member Deb Boyd said, “Kathi worked tirelessly to upgrade the standards at one of the temporary shelters located on Hope Street, years before being able to move into our current facility. She became the driving force and primary advocate for the health, welfare and well-being of all of the animals. Once we were able to open the shelter, Kathi became The Director Animal Care. She along with her team developed policies, procedures, protocols and was really very instrumental with infection control, quarantine, daily care and then of course adoption. Kathi, it is with great honour, admiration and respect that we present you with a certificate to make you our first Director Emeritus.”



Georgian Bay Club Foundation, Volunteer Program

The GTHS was honoured and grateful to be the recipient of a $5000 grant to support and enhance their volunteer program this year.

“Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization; we simply could not survive without them. We are so grateful to the Georgian Bay Club Foundation because with their funding we can now recognize our volunteers that have reached their ten year anniversary with our organization. We are forever thankful for their unwavering dedication and commitment towards our Vision and Mission,” states Lisa Guthrie, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator for the GTHS.



Agnora Glass Co., In Kind Donation

The GTHS is so proud to have an outstanding company like Agnora Glass Co. as a neighbour and friend. When the organization was faced with substantial glass projects in their shelter they knew that Agnora was the company to approach. Not only did the GTHS receive exceptional customer service but Richard Wilson, owner of Agnora, without even being asked, offered all of their services and materials without charge. The GTHS is incredibly grateful! At the Afternoon of Appreciation, Deb Boyd, told of her experience with Agnora:

“We are honored to have James with us today. Thank you so much for helping us realize our dream of recognizing our volunteers and treating us like your Agnora family!!!  James was very thorough with the plant tour showing how they make the glass from store windows to plaques like ours. It was so interesting. Along the way James explained to me how Agnora treats their employees and how they treat their customers.  I was so impressed!” said Deb Boyd to the audience at the shelter.


Torovkei Medical Intake Room

The Torovkei Medical Intake Room

The GTHS has a very high standard of care for their animals. In order to maintain such a high standard of care, tools and equipment is required by the volunteers and staff.

“To this end, Cynthia Torovkei has been instrumental in the past with helping us to purchase items that we need. In the past she has given us funds to support Treasure Tails and this time she has given us enough funds to renovate our Medical Intake Room. This room is essential as it is the entry point for our animals as they enter our facility on their way to their forever home.”

The new Medical Intake Room will provide us with the space, equipment and systems to provide the much needed care to our animals. We are so pleased to name this room after Cynthia who has been generous enough to give the funds to make this room all that we need.  This specialty room will be called The Torokvei Medical Intake Room. “Thank you Cynthia for your kindness, your generosity and your compassion,” said Deb Boyd, Board Member for the GTHS.

Sonya Reichel and Carrie Trembinski of PetSmart Charities of CanadaPetSmart Charities of Canada, Operational Supplies Grant

The GTHS is proud and grateful for our long-standing relationship with PetSmart Charities of Canada. This foundation makes an incredible impact in animal welfare across our country. This year alone, PetSmart Charities of Canada has supported five of the Georgian Triangle Humane Society’s off-site adoption events resulting in one hundred more cats and dogs being adopted.

In addition, this year the GTHS was the grateful recipient of a $12,000 grant that allowed the organization to purchase a huge bank of stainless steel kennels. These kennels save lives by keeping the spread of infection at a minimum while making the kennels easier to use by the animal care workers and by reducing the stress of the cats in the care of our shelter.

“PetSmart Charities of Canada has been a game-changer for our organization. We cannot thank them enough for their support, collaboration and generosity,” stated Sonya Reichel, Executive Director.

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