Adoption Update: Zoey

For a young couple from Kawartha, they had waited a long time to get the right cat for their household. After visiting the GTHS, this young couple fell in love with an amazing cat who has become a wonderful addition to their family. Here is an update on Clawdia who was renamed Zoey.

“We heard about GTHS through friends who had a positive experience with the organization. We’ve been thinking of adopting a cat for many years but wanted to wait until we were in our ‘fur-ever’ home until we made the commitment, and we are so happy that we did!

We had our eyes on the GTHS site and found Zoey (then Clawdia) on our way home from a cottage weekend. We hummed and hawed about adding an extra hour to our drive from Kawartha to Midland and then to Collingwood, but found ourselves unprepared without having purchased a carrying bag, litter box etc.

We decided to go the following Friday, once we had everything, we’d need to welcome our new addition, and made the drive out. Our friends had mentioned that the cats were kept in a large room together which we thought was a much more humane way to house the sweet cats. We went in with a few cats in mind (mostly Zoey, who were pleasantly surprised hadn’t been scooped up yet!) and had a great time meeting a few different cats.

Jennifer from GTHS showed us the room and was very thoughtful and knowledgeable about their animals. She was able to provide background detail on personalities, home life fit and best care practices.

The addition of Zoey to our household has been nothing short of a perfect match. The information package provided contained great steps about the transition our lovely Zoey would face when getting used to her new surroundings.

To our pleasant surprise Zoey has warmed to her new home in record time. Within the week she has gone from sleeping on the floor a few feet away to sleeping in our bed most nights. You can now find her snoozing in a sunny window, frantically playing with her favourite mouse toy or following closely behind the feet of her new family.

The entire experience with GTHS was warm, friendly, and ‘pawsitively’ ‘furtastic’. We want to thank the team at GTHS for their wonderful hospitality, love for their animals and helpful spirits. We can’t recommend them enough!”

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